The Restoration Library is here due to our volunteers. Want to see a specific book? Well, you can help make that happen! Every book on this site was digitized by our part time volunteers or others with the commitment to seeing good books available. We really can use everyone’s help in order to continue to expand our free library. Thank you to all of our volunteers! If you would like to join our volunteers there are several ways that you can help us. Check out our donate page as well to see how you can help in other ways.

So, what can you do to help?

Read: Yeah, believe it or not we just need people reading the books and sending feedback. Are we missing pages? Is a page scanned poorly? Is there a problem with one of the formats? Do you have spelling or other mistakes? You can report any and all errors in any of the books to jeff@restorationlibrary.org. We do actually respond to comments about errors.

Comment: If you like a book, tell us! Share it with your friends and let them know that it is a great book. Sometimes a note of appreciation or encouragement is all the motivation we need to get the next book out. Thank our volunteers for the hard work that they are doing. Quick fact: Did you know that the average book takes around 5 hours of work to publish to pdf?

Subscribe: Nothing makes us happier than people reading and downloading our latest books. How do you know when we release a new book? Well, if you subscribe then you will get a notification when we post anything. If we don’t post something new then you won’t get an email. We don’t spam our users we just notify them of new books. Also, you can encourage your friends to subscribe and share our site. How do you register? Click on the Library link and enter your email on the right-hand side where it says “Subscribe to Restoration Library via Email”.

Type in Greek/Hebrew: We have several books that are ready to go except for a few hundred lines of Greek text that needs to be typed out. That is all they are waiting on! Do you know how to type unicode greek? Then you can help us, practice your skill, and add to the digital knowledge of the world. What more could you possibly want? We have a few volunteers with this skill but they are currently involved with other projects. We also need smaller amounts of Hebrew text typed out. Our OCR software doesn’t do a great job with Greek and Hebrew so we must type it all manually.

Proofreading: We need help checking our documents for errors in the OCR process. We currently have over a 99% accuracy rate. It varies from book to book but it is currently around 99.3%. While that might sound really good it leaves more errors than you might imagine. That usually leaves 2 or 3 errors per page. What we really need is someone with sharp attention to detail and the time to scan each page for errors.

Shop on smile.amazon.com: Do you shop on amazon.com? Then you can help us! Everything that you can buy on amazon.com is also on smile.amazon.com. The prices are the same the only difference is that amazon will give us a small portion (0.5%) of the purchase price as a donation to our organization. Go to smile.amazon.com and choose to support “Restoration Literary Project”. Quick Fact: Unlike most organization we are completely and totally volunteer. Because we are completely digital we don’t have the expense of office space. That means that our overhead is usually less than $1,000 per year. With only a few dozen people supporting us on smile.amazon.com we could be fully funded on these donations alone. Please consider helping us with this goal. Any other organization you might support would not benefit as much as we do from this support.

Hopefully, you can see that everyone can have a big impact on our project. No matter what skills you have or don’t have we can use your help! Thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of this effort!