Copyright Status

The Restoration Library takes copyright status very seriously and will never knowingly publish or post any book where the copyright is still held by another entity unless express permission is granted to the Restoration Literary Project

Each book in the Restoration Library has it’s own page with information for that book. On this page the copyright status will be listed. There are really only two categories that you will find on the restoration library. They are 1) Public Domain and 2) Under Copyright Used with Permission. If you have any questions regarding the status of a book or believe that we have posted something in error please contact our site administrator so that we can immediately fix any discrepancies.

All versions of the books in the Restoration Library are available for personal use for free. You may download, store, and view these files anytime. We do ask that you do not repost or distribute a book that was digitized by the Restoration Library either in full or in portions. If you would like to reference any work in our library please feel free to do so. In fact, we have tried to make it easy to do so. We have included the proper MLA reference on each book page for your convenience.